The NEP Recruiting Process - The Right Match™

NEP employs a unique & proprietary recruiting process that identifies the right candidate for the right position – we call it The Right Match™. Below is a summary of our 15 steps which will be explained in more detail during our on-line 20-minute Webinar. Please reserve a time and date of your choosing and we will have one of our Senior Executive Recruiters present this interesting overview of our process.   Call (800) 314-8365 and ask for Haskel. Leave the rest up to us.

1. Client Needs Overview
2. Candidate Sourcing
3. Preliminary Candidate Screening
4. References Review
5. Candidate Presentation
6. Candidate Preparation
7. Client Preparation
8. First Interviews (Personal and/or Phone)
9. Post Interview Candidate Debriefing
10.Post Interview Client Debriefing
11. Final Interview
12. Remuneration Verification
13. Offer Acceptance
14. Transition Management
15. Post-Placement Services