NEP Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process


1. In Depth Candidate Qualification

An in-depth Candidate Qualification Interview is conducted to match your qualifications to the positions that we are partnering with our clients on. Information covered in this interview may include relevant experience, salary, benefits, ability to relocate, family consideration (working spouse, children in school, etc.) and references.


2. Candidate Profile Development

Once the Candidate Qualification Interview is complete, we will match each candidate to a pre-determined “Ideal Candidate Profile” as defined by the client.


3. Candidate Matching

The Search Team with determine which candidates are qualified to the client’s search criteria. Candidates who significantly match these quidelines will move forward in the qualification process.


4. Additional Candidate Screening

Highly qualified Candidates may go through secondary interview to further determine if the potential Candidate-Company relationship will be ideal.


5. Professional References

Current professional references will be contacted and interviewed by the Search Team. Reference interviews will cover the strengths, weaknesses, and performance of the Candidate as well as specific questions tailored around the specific Search assignment.


6. Candidate Presentation

A summary package for all qualified candidates will be submitted to the Hiring Authority. This information will include a candidate summary, updated resume, complete references and any applicable test results.


7. Pre-Interview Coordination & Preparation

Your interview(s) will be coordinated by the Search Team. You will be debriefed on the Interview Agenda, Priorities and Expectations.


8. Client Preparation

The Client Company will also be debriefed prior to the interview, highlighting the Candidate’s strengths and abilities against the agreed upon Search Assignment Criteria.


9. Post-Interview Candidate Debriefing

We will contact you immediately following your interview to get a snapshot of your initial thoughts and any concerns.


10. Post-Interview Client Debriefing

The Client Company will also be debriefed following the interview to discuss preliminary conclusions. Candidates not selected to continue in the process will be notified.


11. Earnings Verification & Compensation

Your compensation history will be verified and we will negotiate a compensation package that is a win for both the Client Company and Candidate.


12. Offer Acceptance

Once a verbal offer is accepted we will coordinate all of the subsequent formal offer letters and documentation and verify a start date for the New Employee. We will also work with the employee in preparation of any counter offers that may come from their current employer. At this stage we will also assist in coordinating any additional travel, house hunting and relocation, and anything else to ensure a smooth transition.


13. Transition Management

We will remain in contact with the Client Company and New Employee through the entire relocation process, family trips for house hunting, and initial employment period to help ensure a smooth transition. The HTA Team will contact New Employee and Client Company on a regularly scheduled interval to follow their progress and be in synch with any further Human Resource needs.


“Every Candidate we work with, whether they are a CEO or an entry level manager must receive the same attention to detail and preparation with no exceptions.” ~Haskel Thompson