NEP Testimonials

"Haskel knows his stuff! Highly regarded in the industries he recruits in. Will work hard for you."
Jim Dickens, Client

"Haskel has always been a true resource and a proud supporter. His support is invaluable."
Cathi Eifert, CAE
Director, SIGMA

"Consummate professional: if I was asked which is the most descriptive phrase that best describes Haskel Thompson, that is what it must be. Our companies' strategic relationship enjoys an elevated status for both of us because of the simple fact that I know that for whatever company or whomever candidate of which (or whom) Haskel represents has the "consummate professional" on their side. Though our relationship has existed for several years, it continues to grow in importance each and every year. I am proud that Haskel Thompson and Associates is a strategic partner of IMST Corp."
Jim Fisher, CEO

"I have worked with Haskel for several years. He knows the industry inside and out and provides top quality candidates. He does thorough research on both the opportunity and potential candidates and only presents those who are most qualified. It has been a real pleasure to have been associated with him and and he is a true partner."

Don Bassell

"Haskel continues to bring his tireless work ethic and passion for the industry in helping both companies and individuals find their match in employment opportunities."
Michael Zielinski, President/CEO
Royal Buying Group, Inc.

"I have known Haskel for over 20 years. He is my go-to-guy! Haskel is highly professional and a straight shooter. He will not waste your time, if an opportunity is not a fit. Haskel looks for win-win situations for both the company and the candidate. He definitely is looking for long-term relationships. What can I say... I trust Haskel !!!"
George Bergmark III

"While at a 2010 convention in Atlanta, I was approached by several clients inquiry about executive recruiting services. Haskel Thompson of Haskel Thompson Associates, LLC, in my opinion is the best! Many of my clients have engaged Haskel in the past, and continue to do so, and they love him. Haskel knows everyone in the petroleum industry (and I mean everyone; it's uncanny!) He's a fine gentleman of great character and integrity, and I'd highly recommend him."
Terry McKenna, Principal
Employee Performance Strategies, Inc.

"Haskel is truly the best resource for executive placement. He knows everyone is this industry. Many of my clients have used him and speak highly of the top rate individuals he has placed in their organizations. He's a class act to work with."

Linda McKenna

"I have had the opportunity to know Haskel both professionally and personally for a number of years. He has always displayed the highest integrity and ethics in business and in life. It is my privilege to recommend Haskel and his company."
Michael Lawshe, President
Paragon Solutions

"Haskel Thompson and Associates has a superior reputation. We are always pleased to refer our clients to the firm. We know they will receive outstanding treatment and see quality results. We are proud to be associated with this outstanding firm as a Strategic Alliance Partner."
Beverly Daily, Owner
Affordable Resume Service

"I have known Haskel for almost 15 years and he has always been a consummate professional. He has tremendous knowledge of his industry, is well respected and is willing to to what it takes to satisfy a client or prospective candidate. He understands what are the key aspects to a good marketing campaign and has always been able to provide his clients with qualified and capable candidates. I would highly recommend Haskel to anyone that would inquire of me and I value the long term relationship I have had with him. He definitely is my first choice when looking for executive talent or for networking in the event I am looking for an opportunity. Pete Biava"
Pete Biava, General Manager
The Gott Company

"Haskel recruited me for the company I am currently with 13 years ago. It was the right match for my current employer and most definitely for myself. Haskel briefed my thoroughly for my telephone and face to face interview. The knowledge that I gained from Haskels direction has also helped my interviewing skills. Thanks to Haskel I found the right match."
Sam Anderson

"I had the pleasure and privilege of collaborating with Haskel on several Human Resource Assessment projects. He is a true professional who is pleasant, knowledgeable and easy to work with. His depth and breadth of experience in the recruiting industry was quite evident in our work together. Haskel specializes in finding the best qualified candidates for top executive positions worldwide. He knows, when making hiring decisions, who you choose will have a significant impact on the success of your company. Therefore, using a scientifically designed, proven human resource assessment tool for helping to choose job candidates is critical. It is obvious that Haskel is not only experienced, but forward-thinking and truly dedicated to finding the highest quality candidates for his clients. I applaud him for that. It would be a pleasure to work with Haskel again."
Susan Cleckley, MBA, SPHR, Talent Assessment Specialist/Owner
Cleckley Assessments, LLC

"I have known Haskel Thompson for many years as a leader in the field of executive recruiting. His network is vast and his experience is unsurpassed. Haskel has a reputation for getting the job done and creating win - win partnerships."
Rick Fernandez, CPP, CFE, Division Loss Prevention Manager

"I have work with Haskel through his previous Executive Recruiting company twice in the past ten years. I have found him to be professional, thorough, and involved in the process throughout the processes. Because of his and his employees actions and results, I was hired twice for very responsible positions and we used Haskel's services for other personnel and professional needs. These were fill with qualified candidates as well in a minimum of time and with minimal problems."
Walter Eutize, Director of Real Estate & Development US
Irving Oil